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All of our tax professionals have significant experience with large consolidated corporate groups, partnerships, limited liability companies, S corporations and individuals. Our clients do business in all 50 states, and have subsidiaries or parent companies or do business throughout Europe, South America, Canada and Asia.

We use what we consider to be the best tax preparation software. RIA is a leader in the industry of providing tax software and research tools. GoSystems, RIA’s tax preparation software, is able to handle the most difficult returns.

Whether you require a consolidated return with hundreds of subsidiaries filing in all 50 states, and have a foreign parent or foreign subsidiaries or you have a basic partnership return, our professionals using RIA’s GoSystems can handle the preparation of your return in the most cost-efficient manner.

Income Tax Planning and Preparation

Any respectable CPA firm offering tax-planning and preparation services will 1) keep abreast of changing tax laws and regulations and 2) interface with tax authorities on your behalf. Beyond that, unfortunately, consumers rarely know how to comparison-shop. Capital City Accountancy takes these services further by focusing on the following two most frequently encountered problems in this field:

  • Poor Judgment: Many customers don’t realize that tax returns are almost always subject to judgment calls. Our service includes advice regarding the benefits and risks involved in assuming various tax positions. From real estate development to manufacturing and high-tech, our tax consultants and preparers are prepared to make the best of what you have.
  • Poor Planning: We communicate with our customers frequently in order to ensure that prospective decisions have been viewed with tax consequences in mind. You may not always have the reflex to call your tax accountants when contemplating business decisions. By way of frequent and constant communication, we will minimize the chances that poor planning could result in higher taxes for you.

At the very least, let us take a look at your most recent tax filings, and we can give you a fresh look at things.

Cost Segregation 

Cost segregation studies can be used to restate prior tax returns and reclaim substantial taxes paid in years past. This applies primarily to companies who have purchased, built, or renovated a building since January 1, 1987. If you fit that profile, you may have paid too much taxes in the past. Let us help you get it back.

Transactional Advice

Significant transactions can have significant and unexpected tax consequences. Proper tax planning can help mitigate adverse tax results arising from such transactions. Between our business consulting and our tax departments, we will leave no stone unturned.


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